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3 barriers to playing social sport…

1. Lack of time…

It can be tough finding the time to play social sport when you have so many other commitments. Good news is that all of our sports are done within 45minutes. There are so many physical and mental benefits to exercising so make sure you look after yourself and set aside some time each week to play :)


2. Lack of Experience…

It can be daunting putting yourself out there and trying something new. No need to worry though because we have comps to suit all skill levels. If you are a first-time player then one of our social mixed competitions would be a perfect fit for you. Just let us know how experienced you are and we will help find the perfect comp for you. 


3. Don’t have a team to play with…

We don’t believe this should stop anyone from playing! If you don’t have a team then you can join as an individual player and we will find a friendly team for you. Just moved to Brissy and don’t know anyone? Then this is a great option for you!


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