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6 Week Brisbane Beginner’s Yoga Course

Want to meet a group of amazing people (just like you!) and develop strength, flexibility and the confidence to practice for years to come? 

“The classes were an enjoyable introduction. Luisa created a warm, welcoming environment capturing the hows and whys of yoga.”  – Tom

Everything you need to become a yogi:

💳 Comprehensive 6 week course $130pp
🕒 1 hour classes each week
💪 Develop a strong core & reduce back pain
🙋‍♂️ All abilities and every body welcome
🧘 Includes all equipment – mats, straps & blocks
🆓 + FREE Yoga Mat & Strap Valued at $40


Our next 6 course Thursday the 4th of July. Don’t miss out on the first class!

Time & Location

 CBD: Thursday’s 6pm -7pm
 Perry Studio –  10 Perry Lane CBD
Free Parking in Woolworths Complex across the road.

The course outline includes:

Week 1:
Introduction to Yoga & yoga props 

Week 2: Balances and Breath-work – Hatha Yoga
Week 3: Fast & Slow Flow – Vin/Yin
Week 4: I like to Move it – Vinyasa
Week 5: Power On! Power Yoga
Week 6: Be Still, Come Alive – Yin Yoga


Welcome to SportUP social yoga, we’re excited to offering yoga beginner’s courses for every body to try yoga.

My name is Melodie, and below is my story about why I’m so passionate about bringing social, beginner’s yoga courses, as well as general yoga courses for all levels to SportUP!

I’ve been doing yoga on and off for over 8 years. I love yoga, it calms myself, allows me to see what is really important and helps me find my centre and my voice, but it always hasn’t been that way.

My first ever experience of yoga was a quite a daunting one. I was thrust into an advanced class, in which other participants had been practising for years (I felt like I was in a circus how they could contort their bodies). I was more than a little intimidated and also in danger of injuring myself.

Since this first encounter with yoga classes many, many years ago, I have continued to practice under many different teachers who have taught me the beauty and power of this ancient practice for healing and reflection.

While I persevered through my first few daunting encounters (somehow), I wanted to provide a better, safer, easier way to allow people to try yoga for the first time!

I’m passionate about is teaching others the benefits of yoga in a safe, gentle and nourishing environment.. We want to show and help you strengthen and nourish your body for years to come, and how to avoid injury.

Now for the social bit- why social yoga?

I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne for work 2 years ago, have been working hard to further my career and still continuing my yoga practice, and I found myself becoming cripplingly lonely.

I was in a new city, in the middle of winter, and watching the same people come in and out of my yoga studio’s every week, focused on themselves and not talking to anybody!

I’m all for self reflection for nourishing the soul, but being dead lonely and looking into yourself every week… well, it gets old quick, I’ll tell you that.

It was then that I realised that I wasn’t alone. Loneliness is the biggest epidemic affecting young and old, male and female alike in our community today, and I am keenly passionate about providing a nourishing environment for your body and soul, by looking inward and understanding yourself, but also creating a community of amazing people who you can enjoy life and depend on.

If you have and further questions about the course, or just yoga in general, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Looking forward to welcoming you into the community!

SportUP Fun and Fitness Organiser

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