How SportUP Works
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How SportUP Works?

Individual / Team

  • You don’t need to have a team to play!
  • Sign up as an individual or group of friends and we guarantee to find you some friendly teammates.

Social events every month

  • Socialising at games is great but sometimes its great to mix it up.
  • Get access to social events every month and meet all our other friendly players.

Start playing this week!

  • No waiting for paperwork or delayed team registrations.
  • Sign up today and we aim to get you playing this week.

Frequently Asked Questions for New Members?

How do I sign up?

Step 1. Choose a sport here.

Step 2. Enter as an individual, with a friend or as a full team.

Step 3. Pay to reserve your spot.

Individual Entry – the majority of our players join as individuals not knowing anyone else.
Group Entry – join and play on the same team with a friend, bf/gf, partner or workmate
Team Entry – the captain pays for the whole team and collects money off the teammates.

How do I pay for a team?

Step 1. Choose to pay a holding deposit or the full up front team fee.

Step 2. Collect the money off your teammates. You can have as many players in your squad as you like.

Step 3. You will get an email with your league details 1 week before the league starts.
If you chose to pay by deposit, the remaining amount on your team fee is due before Week 2’s game.
All our team fees are paid up front as this produces a higher quality league with more committed teams and less forfeits.

Can I pay in instalments instead of up front?

Yes you can choose to pay in 3 x monthly instalments but it is more expensive compared to paying up front.

The monthly instalment option is included in the booking option for each sport.

How do I make payment for a corporate booking?

Corporate bookings can pay via invoice.

Simply email with these details:
Sport you want to play
League location
Team Name

What is the difference between a more social and more competitive league?

All of our leagues are social so we play for fun rather than to win at all costs.

More social leagues are perfect for players who have had a few years off or who are new to the sport. You can learn and practice skills during the season in a fully officiated environment.

More competitive leagues are for players with experience, they know the main rules and tactics and expect to face some good quality competition.

What happens if i join and don't enjoy it?

You can get a full 100% money back refund if you don’t enjoy your first game.

All you have to do is let me know by email before your second game.

We haven’t had anyone take us up on the offer yet :)

Is it going to be hard to fit in?

It can be intimidating to join a gym or club if you haven’t played in a while or not as fit as you once were.

But at SportUPs everyone is in the same position as you, they want to play sport socially.

This means that there are no cliques of players trying to impress, everyone is just there to have fun. If you are not looking to play competitively then you should fit in fine!

Can I play on the same team as my friend?

Of course! You can book as a group of players and you will be automatically placed in the same team.

If you have already booked, just get your friend to add your name to the ‘Friends Box’ at the end of the booking form.

You can invite your friends here.

I am joining as an individual, will there be enough players on my team?

Yes. Individual teams almost always have a full team with substitutes. If you can’t make it one week, we have a sub in system for all our individual teams.

What is SportUP?

How do SportUP leagues work?

12 weeks of social sports. Fun fuelled fitness with mates.

Leagues typically last 12 weeks and are played at the same venue each week.

Your game time will vary each week but will be sometime between 6.00pm and 9.00pm each week.

At the end of each 12 week season, a new season starts again the following week!

How is SportUP different to what I have played before?

SportUP helps you make the most of your busy week by combining sports and social events.

By joining one of our leagues you automatically get to SportUP your week :)

Social events include lawn bowls, trivia nights, parties and special deals.

Where did the idea come from?

SportUp started when the founder, Sam Bass, was looking to play a game of soccer with friends after work.

The only problem was he had just moved to Brisbane and did not know anyone.

He wanted to build something that let young professionals play socially and give them the chance to get together off the field as well. 

The idea of SportUP was born…

 Sport has always been a massive part of my life. When I moved to Brisbane I wanted to keep fit and meet new friends that shared my passion. 

After several months and many different dead ends, I couldn’t find a team or club to join anywhere. I hated the alternative of paying a monthly contract to work out in a sterile unsocial gym.

As I was walking past the field outside my house I saw a group of people playing an informal game of soccer. 

I was desperate to join in and I figured that there must be other people in the same position as me so I created the first SportUPs game.

Since our first game the idea of making sport social has just snowballed and it has been a part of something that people love.

Social sport is evolving, join us and spread the word.

Sam Bass, Founder of SportUP

The answer to life?


It sounds simple enough but not enough people are making the most of it..

Think about when you laugh the most.. Is it on your phone checking Facebook? Sitting at home watching TV?.. Now how about when you’re out with your friends?

The time has come to smile, sweat, run, chat, win and play TOGETHER with friends on the boring weeknights.

SportUPs doesn’t just provide games, we give you a community of young professionals looking to make the most of life.

So for an hour or so a week, put the smart phone away, and enjoy yourself :)

What is our mission?

We are the largest social sports club in Brisbane with over 5,849 members.

Our mission is to make it really easy to play sport for fun.

So you can sign up as an individual or team and start playing this week!

Our mission is to get people off their phones and back to simply playing sport for fun!

If you have just moved to Brisbane then there is no better place to find new friendly teammates.

Thanks to our players we are Brisbane’s largest social sports club.

We love being the best place for you to make the most of your week with sport and socials.

Score a screamer at Soccer, try your hand at barefoot bowls or paddle down the Brisbane river in a kayaking class. Our social events are a great way to meet more people and try new things together.

SportUP your week!

Current Members

How do refunds work?

If for any reason you have to stop playing in one of our leagues due to work, injury or holiday.

There is no automatic refund.

However if someone is found to take over your payments then you can get refunded the number of weeks that they play for you.

To request a replacement player you can email

How are weather cancellations made?

Any weather cancellations or updates are posted on our Facebook page here by 4pm.

Individual players and team captains also get sent an SMS text message whenever games have to get cancelled.

When will I find out what team I am in?

You should receive an invite to your new team, 1 week before the league starts.

However in busy periods, you may not receive it untill 48 hours before the start date.

What if I cant make it one week?

If you are an individual player you will get a notification every Friday with your game time.

Just accept or decline the invite to let us know if you can make it.

We offer all our sub in games to the members of our Facebook Group here.

Can’t find your question here?

Message Sam using the Live Chat on the bottom right of this page or email him here: