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Social Soccer Brisbane

Until now if you were an individual player and wanted to play Football (Soccer) you had to try and somehow find or create a team.
This wasn’t easy especially if you just moved to Brisbane recently. SportUP is changing how ‘Brisbanites’ play social sport.
You can sign up as an individual player and we will find some friendly teammates for you!

Weds / Thu @ Toowong

  • ToowongVenueOutdoor 5-a-side League
  • Wednesday Nights (more competitive)
  • Thursday Nights (more social)
  • 12 Week Season with Grand Finals

What is the skill level?

All our games are fun, sociable and suitable for a mixture of skill levels. We don’t keep score so there’s no need for competitiveness.

Haven’t played before or it’s been a while since you last did? No problem, SportUps are a great way to get your fitness and touch back.

Is it going to be hard to fit in?

Believe it or not, you’re not the first person to feel this way and you wont be the last!

Everyone here is looking to make new friends and with over 3,834 other young professionals playing, you are sure to meet some new friends!

8 Reasons to join us this week

  1. Meet New Friends – All our games are social and friendly.
  2. Individuals Welcome – We are the only club built for individual players so we welcome players rather than view them as an annoyance.
  3. Have fun getting fit – Enjoy being outside and laughing with friends instead of being stuck in the soulless sterile atmosphere at the gym.
  4. Everything Provided – All the balls, 7-a-side goals and other players are provided.
  5. Beginners Welcome – We have games for all skill levels.
  6. 100% Satisfaction – If for any reason you don’t enjoy your game we will refund the amount back to you with no questions asked. Just let me know within 24hrs from your first game.
  7. Friendly referees – There is one friendly referee at each game so if you have any questions at the game you have a real person to talk to.
  8. Local $2m Venue – Playing at Toowong, 4kms from the city we have a grass 7-a-side pitch that is easily accessible by train and bus and overlooks the CBD skyline.