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City Touch Brisbane

1. Choose your venue

Then choose mens or mixed.
Sign up by yourself or with friends to get it cheaper.

2. Get allocated into a team

Join our friendly teammates.
Free team shirt for your new team.
Simple fees. No other hidden costs.

3. Start playing!

Commit to 8 matches at a time.
Enjoy meeting new friendly teammates :)

Part B of our Touch 🏈season starts:
Tuesday @ Ashgrove = 16th July
Wednesday @ Newmarket = 17th July

Last few spots for our City Touch teams. Book today to grab one of them!

I am the target text.

  • Choose your preferred venue and nights
  • Season A: First 8 weeks of Touch
  • Season B: Second 8 weeks of Touch
  • FREE team shirt for all players to make you look professional :)

left till Part B of our season starts…

Join as an Individual or with Friends?

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How is the season split?

The City Touch season runs for 16 weeks and we split that into two halves.

The first half Season A is the first 8 weeks of the season.

If you enjoy it and are keen to play again then you get to keep playing the second half of the Season B with a $30 discount.

This means you have to pay less up front and commit for less time!

If you do lose players at the halfway point of the season then we can top your team up with new players so you can make a good run at the Finals :)

What is included in the booking?

Everything you need to play! Your booking covers all your game fees and the management of your team so all you have to do is show up and play. This also includes player insurance, automated game notifications each week, free team shirt, access to monthly social events and access to our sub in system if your team is short one week.

Do I have to be really good at Touch to play?

Nope we have a range of experienced and beginner players. Each venue has several divisions with grading so we can find the right league for you.

How can I tell if I will fit in?

Everyone is nervous at their first game but everyone is in the same boat looking to get fit, make new friends and play some sport. By the end of the season you will all be laughing and joking together.

When can I start?

Join now as an individual player and we will find a team for you :)

What time are the games?

Most venues have games starting at 6.15pm and ending at 9.15pm

What happens if I have 2 or 3 friends, can we be on the same team?

Definitely! You can enter with friends and we can make sure you are on the same team.

Select the number of players in your group and complete your booking together to be placed on the same team :)

What is the refund policy?

If you don’t enjoy your first game you can get a full 100% refund. Just email [email protected] within 24hrs from your first game.

After 24hrs from your first game there is no refund however still let me know if you can no longer play and I can try and find a replacement player for your team.

We find this provides more committed players for your team giving your team the best chance to do well in the season :)

What happens after I join as an individual player?

You will be put in a Touch team with other individual players. You will get an email with your team details 1 week before the season starts. If you haven’t heard from us or aren’t sure which team you are in, just message Sam here or using the live chat on the bottom right of the site.

Do game fees cover insurance?

City Touch reimburse up to 80% of non-Medicare medical costs up to $3000 per injury. The policy is for reimbursement only and has an excess of $200 per claim.

The injured player has signed on the Player sign on card and Player insurance form. The game referee has been advised of the injury and noted on the score card. It also needs to be noted to the venue organiser

Still have a question?

Message Sam by filling out the form below and he will try to get back to you within 24hrs.

Or use the Live Chat on the bottom right of this page to get an immediate answer.

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Touch Football Brisbane is a great way to have fun and keep fit!

Our mission at SportUP is to help make it really easy to start playing and to meet new people by letting you join as an individual.

Perfect if you have just moved to the area or if none of your friends are into Touch as much as :)