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Why Yoga Is A Growing Part Of Global Healthcare And Wellness

While many illnesses are no longer around, chronic and non communicable diseases are set to be the biggest health challenges of the coming century. Due to diets that are filled with processed sugary foods and work environments that cause stress and exhaustion, it has become clear that traditional medicine is struggling to tackle this modern health crisis. However, evidence has grown in recent years to suggest that yoga has become invaluable in the formal healthcare system, and that this therapy could become part of both the treatment and prevention to a wide variety of illnesses. 

Health is often determined by a complex range of social, economic and environmental factors, and the nature of long term illness, as well as the relentlessness of modern day pressures, can make people feel utterly overwhelmed. Yoga can empower the individual and help them make the best choices for themselves, as well as being something that can be practiced in a supportive community setting. 

Yoga is accessible, improves wellbeing, and those who practice yoga regularly are less likely to exhibit chronic mental and physical health problems. Yoga is also associated with other healthy lifestyle habits, suggesting that when people are encouraged to improve their health with yoga they subconsciously make healthier lifestyle choices. Yoga’s growth in popularity is directly due to the fact it is a natural, mind-body approach that is relatively inexpensive and safe. With the appropriate guidance and education, you can become responsible for your own health and wellbeing, increasing your capacity for self care, self regulation and healing. 

We are living longer and healthier lives than ever before but this process is threatened by preventable and complex issues, the quality of our lives being undermined by poor mental health and unhappiness. The ongoing integration of yoga practice into the health care system represents a shift of thinking my medical professionals. Instead of facing a disease by analysing systems and prescribing medication, healthcare is increasingly embracing the idea of considering the root cause of an illness, and working to prevent it from appearing in the first place. Through alternative treatments such as yoga therapy professionals are treating patients more effectively, by treating the individual and all their complexity. Through yoga we can become more aware of our bodies, therefore hopefully detecting imbalances before full-blown disease manifests. 

It will take time to shift both practitioners and patients attitudes towards yoga. Many still believing the practice to be a supplement to conventional treatment rather than primary approach. However, increasing access to yoga and a growing body of scientific research supporting its benefits proves that the future for yoga practice is a bright one. The most powerful shift may be the one that happens within each of us-when we take responsibility for our own health, do our practice and allow for transformation and healing to occur.

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